The Kershaw County Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse operates under the name of The ALPHA Behavioral Health Center in Kershaw and Chesterfield Counties, and The Lee Center in Lee County.  Since its inception, The ALPHA Behavioral Health Center has come to meet a broad range of community needs. The Commission was established by state law on March 5, 1973 as a county organization dedicated exclusively to the prevention and control of all forms of substance abuse. It began operating as The ALPHA Center in 1989 and by 1993 its expanding area of service encompassed Chesterfield County, and in July 1996 included Lee County as well. Today it is known as The ALPHA Behavioral Health Center and offers many innovative and effective treatment, intervention and prevention programs designed to reduce the impact of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs of abuse, as well as behavioral health needs for citizens in Kershaw, Chesterfield and Lee Counties.


A private non-profit organization, The ALPHA Behavioral Health Center operates as a standalone non-profit solely under the direction of a self-perpetuating Board of Directors.  The agency receives the majority of funding from State and Federal alcohol and drug abuse programs. The agency also contracts with local governmental, private businesses and other stakeholders to administer specific prevention, intervention and treatment programs. Private donations and grants are received for specialized programs. The ALPHA Behavioral Health Center does not deny anyone services based on the inability to pay. A sliding schedule fee system is established based upon the Federal poverty guidelines and all persons served are informed of the sliding scale system. Self-paying clients are provided with a payment agreement plan.  South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS), the state’s Medicaid authority, contracts with ALPHA for the reimbursement of treatment services to Medicaid recipients. The agency currently accepts over six different private insurances and is actively being credentialed by other insurance providers to increase accessibility for persons served.


Mission Statement-Purpose


The ALPHA Behavioral Health Center seeks to provide quality services to individuals and their families to reduce problems associated with alcohol, tobacco and other drugs of abuse, behavioral health needs, and co-occurring disorders, in an accessible outpatient setting.

  • Provide the best services available for each person and their families in need prevention, intervention, and treatment for alcohol and/or other drugs of abuse, behavioral health needs and/or co-occurring disorders.

  • Incorporate each person’s abilities, strengths, needs and preferences in all levels of care and services.

  • To facilitate healthy lifestyle changes in individuals and their families.

  • Utilize Best Practices to meet the needs of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs of abuse, behavioral health needs and co-occurring disorders.




Vision Statement


To deliver a complete range of needs-based, quality services in an efficient manner to the citizens of Kershaw, Chesterfield and Lee counties. 

Confidentiality: All services are considered confidential and are prootected by federal law (42 CFR Part 2) and the Health Insurance Portability Act (HIPAA) of 1996.  Due to Confidentiality regulations, all individuals must sign a release of information regarding their protected health status.  Clients and parents of clients under age 16 will also be asked to sign an acknowedgement that says they have received the privacy notice.