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Drug-Free Workplace Assistance
In this program we help employers:
  • Provide education & support on Federal and state requirements for
    drug-free workplace implementation
  • Assist in establishing drug and alcohol free workplace policies that meet all requirements of South Carolina law
  • Assistance with applying for Workers' Compensation premium discount
How it works:
  • Pre-Employment, Reasonable Suspicion, Post-Accident and random drug tests will be performed using a 12 panel Rapid Drug Screening Device at the price of $40.00* per test.
  • The Designated Employer Representative will be contacted with instant results, and then mailed hard copies.
  • Positive instant results will be sent to a lab for confirmation, and the employer will be contacted within three to five business days with lab results at no additional charge
  • An alcohol test will be administered at the request of the employer, or if the Drug Testing Coordinator has reasonable suspicion
  • For employees holding a Commercial Drivers license, Department of Transportation approved drug ($65*) and alcohol ($20*) tests will be administered according to the FMCSA manual for Pre-Employment, Post-Accident, Randon and Return to Duty Tests
  • Other types of drug testing services are available, let us customize a Drug Testing Program to suit your needs
Ask us about establishing an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to assist your staff with Substance Abuse, Behavioral, Emotional or Related Issues.  Different plans are available to meet your business' individual needs; to learn more about EAP click here
For more information contact The ALPHA Behavioral Health Center nearest you. Click on the link below for contact information.
*Pricing Subject to change.
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