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Mara Jones - Executive Director

Sarah Hammond - HR Coordinator

Danielle McWhorter - Clinical Supervisor

Meagan Ard - Prevention Director

Elizabeth Diller - Recovery/Intervention Director

Sarah Ruth Owens - Director of Business Operations

Paul Napper serves as the Public Policy and Advocacy Consultant
Clinical Counselors
Danielle McWhorter
Brittany Johnson
Olivia Von Rosenberg
Brenda Watson
Cole Vieira
Mikayla Hailey

Christopher Catalano
Crystal Wieczorek

Clinical Counselor Interns

Elizabeth Combs
Mikayla Stovall

Peer Support Specialist
Sandy Siegfried

ADSAP Lead Coordinator
Allen Trapp

Prevention Specialist

Jessica Berry

Youth Diversion Coordinator
Sarah Hammond

Hispanic Coordinator
Lee McElveen

Data Coordinator
Jenay Gardner

Drug Testing Coordinator

Whitney Harrison

Clinical Support Specialist
Ashton Reames

Facilities Manager
Mark Sibley
Kershaw County
Clinical Counselor


Data Coordinator

Lexi Gardner
Lee County
Clinical Counselors
Beulah McNeill
a Adams
Shannon Barbour

Francie Gaskins

Drug Court
Becky Caulder

Data Coordinator  & Billing Specialist   Donna Curtis

MAT Case Manager   Hailey King

Prevention Specialist   
Greg Griggs
Chesterfield County
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