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Youth Arbitration Program (YAP)
The Youth Arbitration Program (YAP) is a restorative justice program. It provides first time offenders a chance to accept the responsibility for their actions by attempting to repair the harm caused by their crime. The goal is to  to have them restored to their community.
YAP also increases the competency and learning of the offender so they can become productive, law-abiding citizens, and to reduce recidivism.
One must meet the following criteria to be eligible for Arbitration;
  • First time offenders charged with non-violent crimes
  • Persons aged 11-16
  • Those who have not participated in a prior diversion program
  • Those who are not status offenders
  • Those willing to admit responsibility for their crime
  • Participation is voluntary.
YAP is a privilege and not a right. Participants may be referred by local Law Enforcement, the Solicitor’s Office, or the Department of Juvenile Justice.
For referrals, please contact the Arbitration Coordinator
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