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Values are the things that are believed to be important to the way one lives and works.  They determine priorities and what is meaningful.  They also define a person’s character and behavior.  Becoming disconnected with personal values can lead to decision making that often leads to regret.


Everyone has two types of values; ideal values and actual values.  Ideal values are what individuals perceive to be priorities. Actual values are can be determined by how one spends their time, energy, and money.  For some individuals, there can be a discrepancy between the two.  One’s actions and decisions reveal the truth about what an individual really values as important. 


Being on time and doing every task to the best on one’s ability shows how much work is valued.  Spending free time with family and friends shows how much relationships are valued.  When the behavior changes, something has changed in what is valued.  No matter how much someone says they value something, if their actions don’t show the value, it cannot be believed and can cause loss. 

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