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Goal setting is the process of deciding to accomplish something and devising a plan to achieve the result desired.  This goal setting definition emphasizes that goal setting is two part process.  Goals can act as a guide when making decisions.  Stop and think about how a decision can help or hinder the ability to reach a goal. 

Short-term goals can be set and reached within a short period of time and often lead to long-term goals that are set for farther in future.  It’s important to remember to set goals that are personal, realistic, and specific.  Goals should be attainable and measurable.  If goals are too difficult to accomplish; or if there are no methods to determine if goals have been reached, it is much easier to give up and forget about them. 


Think about timelines; how much time is needed, and what efforts will be required to complete the goal.  Lastly, consider what resources may be needed, their availability, and possible obstacles that could hinder success. 

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