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In conclusion, better decisions can happen; but not by accident. With the right knowledge and skills, as well as intentional determination; improved choices can be made.


Improved choices will result in improved consequences. Again, consequences can be good or bad based on the choices. Where you are right now and what situation you are in; you make your choice in one way or another.


You can eliminate or reduce choices which relate to conflicts, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or any other high-risk behavior. These improved results can come about with a balanced self-esteem, well-developed goals, ideal values, and a great degree of perseverance.


When you make good decisions and experience healthy consequences, be sure to reward yourself in healthy ways. This will reinforce better choices and even change your perspective over time to what ‘good times’ are really about. Instead of high risk and great loss being ‘enjoyed;’ you may begin to celebrate great success as your new thrill.


So now, with these things in mind,


press on!

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