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Ecstasy (MDMA) hit the club scene in the early 80’s and was thought of as a fun drug with the promise of ‘pleasant’ experiences. However, the more it was used, the more people died, fell into deep depression, or caused serious brain damage from drug side effects. Because ecstasy takes the brain functions to a much higher ‘dimension,’ when the drug leaves the user’s system, they may experience a decrease in activity of brain systems (rebound effect). Many users at this point will immediately chase another hit of either ecstasy or some stimulant to pick them back up. The highs get less and less ‘high’ but the lows continue to get lower, and a terrible depression sets in. The brain is literally shutting down from damage. If the drug doesn’t kill the user from an overdose at this point, the depression usually will. Suicide rates among ecstasy users are very high. But remember, this drug promised a ‘pleasant’ experience.

GHB is also known as the ‘date rape drug’ and by other names. Normally, one capful can be compared in effects to a consuming a 6 pack of beer, but it’s hard to compare a controlled and consistent beverage like beer with a street drug like GHB. The effects are dependent on how it was made. It can shut the brain down completely in a couple of minutes, and cause serious damage if the person survives the overdose. It is very easy to overdose on this very powerful drug, which is also due to its unpredictability. It affects memory formation, but not usually entirely. Most times, memory ‘flashes’ begin to come back to the person about what happened while under the influence of the drug. It is usually a clear, odorless, and tasteless liquid, so it is very difficult to realize one is being given the drug, especially if one is already high from alcohol or another drug.

Cocaine is one of the most addictive and powerful stimulant drugs. It can also be made into crack, which is a purer, more powerful, and more addictive substance. Some die the first time they try cocaine. Cocaine is also not just a drug for what one might picture as a typical drug addict, if there’s any merit to such a thing. Cocaine is even used by some very successful looking people. Heart failure or stroke is a high possibility for a user of cocaine because it pushes the body beyond its natural limits.

Meth has an interesting history as a synthetic ‘super lab’ drug. However, much of meth on the streets today is derived from a crude, yet complicated ‘home lab’ process using certain OTC cold meds. Other than death, another very undesirable side effect of its use is meth mouth. A user can lose all their teeth in as little as 12 months after starting the drug. It also seems to take the look of life right out of a person’s appearance.

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