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Other Drugs Of Abuse


Prescription medications are very powerful; some are even extremely powerful and have a high probability of addiction. An example of the latter is narcotic pain relievers. Prescriptions can be effective at treating and/or dealing with ailments if properly taken as prescribed. However, a person that abuses these drugs not only negates the curative effects, but also causes more health problems in their body and brain. Then, when the person needs the drugs to help them, they may have raised their tolerance to a point that in order get relief, they will have to take much stronger treatments than in their past.


Some health problems include stomach ulcers, liver problems/failure, kidney problem/failure, heart problems/failure, etc. The problems really vary on what type, how much, and how powerful the meds are that are abused.

OTC (over the counter) medicines are also abused by some people. The users of OTC drugs may underestimate the effects of abusing them because they are easily obtained. Some users are also chasing their next high and use OTC meds because of their availability. Many of the same risks apply as prescriptions on a different level, especially about addiction and tolerance and reducing curative effects when someone is actually sick and taking them properly.


OTC drug use also causes many of the same health problems as prescriptions, depending on what type, how often, and how much is taken.

Inhalants are abused by a person breathing in fumes or vapor usually from spray bottles/cans. Because it ‘hijacks’ the lungs function of delivering oxygen to the brain, a ‘high’ is experienced. However, each person runs the unexpected risk of stopping brain activity and dying, which usually happens so suddenly they are found with the straw still in their nose. Inhalants are not considered drugs but toxins.

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