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Marijuana contains the drug THC, which has its own drug category called cannabis. It is a very misunderstood drug for many reasons.  Many people have been led to believe several myths about marijuana. 
A very popular myth is that marijuana is all natural because it comes from a plant, and therefore must be safe to use.  However, many other drugs known for their dangerous side effects, such as cocaine, also come from plants.  There are also many natural plants and chemicals that are poisonous. 
When it comes to the discussion of how harmful marijuana can be, many will also argue that no one has ever died from marijuana use.  Although true that there have been no deaths from marijuana overdose, marijuana has contributed to other accidents that have ended in death such as impaired driving crashes.  Consider this as well, the same can be said of tobacco.  No one has died from nicotine overdose, but people have died as a result of using tobacco products. 
Another myth is that marijuana is used to cure cancer, glaucoma, cataracts and other conditions.  The medicinal use of marijuana is heavily debated, but one truth remains that it does not cure any of these conditions.  It has been used as a method of treatment for different side effects, but the marijuana itself causes its own side effects, including cancer.
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