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A drug is any substance that changes the way your brain and body work.  We will cover many examples this this section that vary in effect and addictiveness. Before we get into the specific examples, there are certain aspects that apply to all drugs, including alcohol and tobacco. Please define the words below, as it relates to drug abuse (if you are not sure what the definition is, use research, search online, printed material, or other sources):

Drunk driving is an easily understood example of a dangerous behavior, but there is another way people drive impaired. Driving under the influence of drugs is another very dangerous risk, which is sometimes referred to as DUIDs.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is easy to track and define due to more information available and breathalyzer and blood alcohol tests being so accessible. DUID is much more difficult due to varying sources of the impairment. This impairment can be a result of illegal drug, over the counter (OTC) medications or prescription drug use.

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