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Conflict Resolution


Communication problems can often lead to conflict.  Conflicts are very common among all demographics.  Conflicts are simple disagreements or differences in opinions between two or more people.  If there is verbal or physical violence present, that is no longer a conflict.  Conflict resolution skills are imperative in making better choices and reducing the likelihood of negative consequences in life.  It is ironic that most conflict can occur between people that care the most about each other.  Resolving conflicts effectively can also strengthen important relationships in life. An important part of resolving conflicts is early and effective prevention.

Let’s use our imagination to illustrate:

Repelling is a method that is sometimes used to descend a mountain. A rope is anchored at the top of a cliff and a climber uses the rope to slide to the bottom, hopefully in a controlled manner. This activity is comparable to the progression into a conflict and then ‘descending’ further into violence.

On the next page is an incomplete illustration of a conflict ‘descending’ into violence. Read the story of Ella, and then figure out each choice in the conflict that made it worse.

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