Driving during the Holidays


Dealing with Road Rage

  • Stay Calm - Think clearly and do not let your anger help escalate the situation

  • Do Not Retaliate - Do not respond to an aggressive driver by "giving him/her a dose of their own medicine"

  • Avoid Eye Contact - Eye contact can be seen as confrontational by the aggressor; don't even look in their direction

  • Keep Your Distance - Allow an aggressive driver to pass you and try to keep a safe distance from the other driver

  • Practice Defensive Driving - Don't tailgate. Use your turn signals and allow other drivers into your lane or go first in a four-way stop

  • Get Help - If an aggressive driver is following you; lock your doors and roll up your windows and drive to a police station or crowded area.  Contact the police before you stop your vehicle.


Alcohol and the Holidays

Traffic fatalities due to DUI increase during the Holidays; here are a few strategies to keep you, your loved ones and others safe this season:

  • If you are attending a gathering or party where alcohol will be served, designate an alcohol-free driver to get everyone home safely

  • If you plan to drive, it's best not to drink at all

  • If you do not have a designated driver, call a cab. DO NOT DRIVE YOUR CAR IF YOU HAVE BEEN DRINKING

  • People can metabolize alcohol at different rates; if you have had ANY alcohol assume your blood alcohol is too high to safely drive


Are you are hosting a party?

  • Maintain a tension-free environment

  • Have high protein food available

  • Don't push alcoholic drinks; have a variety of attractive non-alcoholic beverages available

  • Stop serving alcohol at least one hour before the party ends

  • Never let a guest drive when impaired; arrange for a sober companion to take him/her home or call a taxi/Uber driver

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