Your First Holidays without a Loved One

Your first holiday season following the loss of a loved one, military deployment or divorce will be different and can be scary. Here are some ideas to help you get through this period:

  • Although it can be hard, deal with your emotions – you may be tempted to push your feelings aside by staying too busy; but you need to acknowledge, process and express your emotions. It’s OK to feel sadness

  • Family and friends may be so caught up in their own holiday experiences that they forget you’re undergoing a new and uncomfortable adjustment.  Find one or two people who can listen and empathize about your situation

  • Realize that you are adjusting to a new reality; in future seasons you will know what to expect and have coping mechanisms to help you through the season.  Things will get better.

  • Take stock of your experiences when the holidays are over; what worked and what didn’t.

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