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One hopes that the above activity above has assisted in helping you realize how much a drug habit can change a person. Under the guise of the person doing what they want to do; a drug habit effectively takes freedoms away from the user.

Plan yourself a fun evening without having alcohol or any other type of drug, make it a ‘party’ and invite your friends. Would any of your ‘friends’ come? How hard is it for you to think of fun things to do without drugs present? We have already talked about physical dependence on a drug, but we are introducing a new concept here, which is social dependence. Can you have fun without high-risk drug choices? Take it a step further; would your group of friends be together without alcohol or drugs (i.e. socially dependent group)? Even if you are dependent of drugs and alcohol, it is still a good idea to put serious thought into the activity below.

Think about some things you’re interested in that would be a good fun alternative for you instead of high risk choices.

What are a few things you are very interested in and think non-users could be invited along?

No matter what the activity, person, environment or whatever it is that may encourage you to use, always have a plan in place to say “no” and change it where you can regularly make low risk choices.

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