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‘Designer’ drugs are constantly changing and we will only mention a couple here. But where any item, chemical, or even product is abused for the reason of getting high can be considered a synthetic or designer drug (there are many names for these types of substances).


Examples are the products sometimes referred to as ‘fake marijuana.’ These items, such as ‘K2’ and ‘Spice’ are sometimes sold under the guise of incense and usually marked ‘not for human consumption.’ It is very difficult to specify what side effect these drugs have on a person because of the inconsistencies in production and therefore their unpredictability when ingested. However, some of the common symptoms include, agitation, irritability, dizziness, numbness, paranoia, racing heartbeat, trouble breathing, and seizures. Death has also occurred. This has been self-inflicted among previously healthy happy people.


There was a myth about these products that they could not be detected by drug test like that for THC, however, there are drug testing labs that offer testing for the metabolites of the main chemicals present in these drugs.


Another example of these type products sometimes referred to as “fake cocaine.”  Again, it is sold under the pretense of “bath salts” and marked ‘not for human consumption.’  However, many crack and meth addicts were using this ‘legal’ substitute for a high instead of their usual illegal drugs.  These type products also have very unpredictable side effects on the body. You may have heard about ‘flesh eating zombie’ news stories, which in some instances has resulted from use of these drugs. Very unpredictable results cannot be overestimated with ‘bath salt’ type products.

Drug use can have a huge influence on a person’s ability to think clearly and make good decisions.  It can lead to a number of different types of consequences as well such as health, financial, work, relationship and legal problems.  Drug use is always risky.  There is no way to determining which consequences one person may face, or how quickly those consequences will happen.

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