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Ella was in a college class taking a test on Tuesday. It was her last class for the day. As she was taking a test, she noticed that a classmate, Rebekah (who she didn’t know), was cheating by getting answers off Ella’s test and that of another student. Ella quietly told Rebekah that she didn’t feel comfortable with her cheating off her test, and then she turned to make it much harder to cheat off her paper.


Rebekah quickly glanced at the professor, who had no idea what was going on, then turned back to Ella to make it clear to her that she will talk to her later about it. Ella ignored Rebekah and kept working on her test.

A few minutes later, class was over and everyone filed out. Ella wasn’t worried about Rebekah, so she followed her normal routine, going across the hall to the library and then made her way to her car.


Rebekah caught up to Ella before she got into her car. Ella began to ask her what she was talking about in class, but Rebekah interrupted her and began to tell her it’s none of her business what she does. Ella disagreed, and told Rebekah that when it is her test and her grades at stake, it is her business!


They continued to argue as other students began to notice and crowd around. Finally Rebekah had enough of the talking and struck Ella. Ella returned her punches. The confrontation was over very quickly, but the damage had been done. Ella hopped in her car and drove away fixing her hair and clothes. Rebekah, very embarrassed from the incident, ran crying to her dorm room. She quickly called one of her suitemates that she knew would help her.

On Thursday, as Ella was driving back to school to go to class, Rebekah and her suitemate were waiting for her as she pulled into the parking lot. Ella didn’t notice. The two girls drove over to Ella as she was walking and the suitemate confronted her by asking her what happened on Tuesday. Ella stopped, leaned on the passenger side of the car and said Rebekah was trying to cheat, which could get her in trouble. Rebekah quickly yelled at her that it was none of her business and no one cares about her grades. Ella leaned into the car to make glaring eye contact and fussed back reminding Rebekah again that it was her business, which Ella said, “I thought I made clear to you on Tuesday.” 


Rebekah yelled back at Ella. When Ella was trying to reach across the car to hit Rebekah the suitemate began to grab Ella’s hair to get in a few hits.  Rebekah, in all the commotion of trying to get away from Ella’s punches, kicked the gas on her car, which was still in reverse. The confrontation ended as Ella was quickly pulled under the car and run over by the front tire. Ella later died at the hospital of internal injuries.

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