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Step 1: Please contact the appropriate county office to schedule an appointment
            for services.
Step 2: All clients receive an intake/orientation and assessment to determine
            specific needs for services and if our services best meet those needs.
Step 3: Information collected during the assessment helps determine problem
            identification and severity.  A primary counseler is assigned to your
            individualized treatment needs.
Step 4: An interview with the Solicitor's Office is held to determine final approval
            to enter Drug Court.
Step 5: After treatment team recommendations, the individual is placed in the
            appropriate level of care.  Referrals are made if necessary.
Step 6: A treatment plan defines the level of care for services, states goals and
            desired outcomes of service provided.  The treatment plan is updated
            as needed.
Step 7: The progress of the individual is closely maintained by the client,
             counselor and the treatment team.  Upon completion of the
             individualized plan, the client is provided a transition/discharge and
             follow-up services as needed.
Please contact the appropriate county office to schedule an appointment for services. Click on one of the links below:
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