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Alcohol Education Program (AEP)


Our 8-hour Alcohol Awareness Program (AAP) is only one component of the 5th Circuit Solicitor’s Alcohol Education Program (AEP).  The goal of AAP is to equip participants to make better choices through engaging in prevention education.  AAP provides education on a diverse range of topics in order to assist participants with reducing all high risk behaviors.  Typically, AAP is provided in a one day, 8 hour course, usually held on a Saturday at The ALPHA Behavioral Health Center of Kershaw County. 


However, we also have a booklet which provides an opportunity to receive the same education in a Home Study Course.  Participation in the Home Study Course is usually granted when attending the class would otherwise produce a hardship due to distance required for travel.


The only part the ALPHA Behavioral Center handles is the Home study which is $150.00.  All other questions should be directed to the Solicitor’s Office. 


**If you have not already contacted the 5th Circuit Solicitor's Office, please do so now.**


The Solicitor’s Office will have to approve you for the 8 hour Home Study Course.  Please complete the Referral Form for AAP (click here) and send it in with your $150 money order payable to the ALPHA Behavioral Health Center or by PayPal or credit card by selecting the Buy Now button.



Once you receive the Home Study, complete it and email


An online test will then be sent to you for completion. 


Please email Tina Griggs for any questions and give us 24-48 hours for a response. 

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