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Alcohol Education Program (AEP)


Our 8-hour Alcohol Awareness Program (AAP) is only one component of the 5th Circuit Solicitor’s Alcohol Education Program (AEP).  The goal of AAP is to equip participants to make better choices through engaging in prevention education.  AAP provides education on a diverse range of topics in order to assist participants with reducing all high risk behaviors.  AAP is provided in 2 days of 4 hour sessions, scheduled at ALPHA Behavioral Health Center of Kershaw County. 


ALPHA provides this AAP class for a fee of $150.00.  All other fees or questions about AEP should be directed to the Solicitor’s Office. 


**If you have not already contacted the 5th Circuit Solicitor's Office, please do so now.**


The Solicitor’s Office will have to approve you for the 8 hour AAP. 

Once you are approved, please call ALPHA to sign up for next scheduled class. Have payment ready on the day of your class. You will not be allowed to stay for the class without payment. Once you have completed your 8 hours, you will receive a certificate and ALPHA will notify the Solicitor's Office of your completion. 

For further questions, please contact ALPHA Kershaw County office at




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